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Our Story

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The mission of GrowGurl is to develop women of purpose through mentoring, mental health & wellness education, and community outreach. The vision is to achieve well-being and equitable healthcare among the underserved.

As a certified Physician Assistant for nearly 30 years, Tonya began GrowGurl after beginning her own wellness journey with her sister and life coach. After committing to fitness, healthy nutrition, and teaching others to do the same, GrowGurl was born. Today, GrowGurl offers wellness growth sessions for underserved women and girls to promote wellness and recommend strategies for disease prevention. Each session is facilitated by qualified wellness professionals who are credentialed to coach and mentor alongside you.

We encourage both women and girls who share a common goal to achieve wellness (mind, body, and spirit) to give us the opportunity to become an integral part of your choice to pursue well-being. We also welcome your expertise if you are a professional wellness advocate. Whether you need mentorship, are seeking a mentor, or wish to share your area of expertise, GrowGurl desires to collaborate with you.

Lastly, we are most proud of our annual Barbara Jean Riley Healthcare Scholarship. Applicants must be a disadvantaged female, high school senior, or college female with a desire to become an Advanced Practice Provider, Naturopathic provider, Nurse, Mental Health Social Worker, MD, or DO.

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