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The GrowGurl Story

GrowGurl, LLC was established in Pineville, NC in 2018 by Tonya Gilbert, MPA, PA-C. The GrowGurl mission was birthed out of her personal desire to develop women of purpose through mentoring, mental health & wellness education, and community outreach. As a certified Physician Assistant, Tonya noticed frequently how her patient's quality of life improved when using the basic rules of naturopathics. She subsequently began adopting her own wellness habits. That's when her passion for helping others with their wellness journey became her primary goal. 


GrowGurl launched officially in Charlotte, NC in September of 2019.  Since that time, GrowGurl has transformed into a platform for women and girls to grow and explore their own wellness. 

Today, GrowGurl now offers a variety of growth sessions, which promote wellness. Each session targets the local community of women and girls while utilizing a strong team of wellness professionals who are qualified and credentialed to educate and train in the area of health and wellness. We are most proud of our in-school mentoring program and annual scholarship for healthcare students.

We encourage both women and girls who share a common goal to achieve wellness - mind, body, and spirit-- to give us the opportunity to become a part of your journey. We also welcome your expertise if you are a professional wellness advocate. Whether you need mentorship, seeking a mentor or you simply want to improve your overall health, GrowGurl can provide alternatives for you.  

Contact a member of our team today to learn more: 

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