The GrowGurl Story

GrowGurl, LLC was established in Pineville, NC in 2018. It was birthed out of my personal desire to develop women of purpose through mentoring, mental health and wellness education, and community outreach. My own ah-ha moment occurred in 2005 after losing both my grandmother and suddenly my mother 6 months apart to diabetes. I was 3 weeks pregnant and grieving immensely. The trauma intensified as I witnessed diabetes prematurely claim the lives of every elder in my maternal family one by one. Meanwhile, I acknowledged that I, too, was not taking care of myself. So I decided to make some drastic changes after seeing myself in the mirror 50 lbs overweight with my third child. I had to live not just for myself, but for my family! It was then that I finally yielded to my sister's mentorship and life coaching.  With her guidance, I began a self-care journey of clean eating, exercise, essential oils and plant-based foods. Then I began making my own mental health a priority. The more I made my health a priority, the better I felt. Then it happened! GrowGurl was born! With consistent education

about nutrition and the application of wellness principles, I believed I could make a difference.


Today, Growgurl has now evolved and offers a variety of classes, natural healing solutions and services to help committed women maintain optimal health holistically. We also are excited to announce that in 2019, we will offer a mentorship program as well as an annual educational scholarship to provide tuition assistance for qualified GrowGurls actively pursuing an education in the healthcare field. Although we are just getting started, the momentum has already begun. So, we encourage both women and girls who share a common goal to achieve wellness - mind, body, and spirit-- to allow us to be a part of your journey. Whether you are in need of mentorship, seeking a mentor or simply want to improve your overall health, GrowGurl can provide alternatives for you.  Contact a member of our team today to learn more.  We are here for you.                                     

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