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GrowGurl, Inc.
"Developing Women of Purpose"

GrowGurl's Mission & Vision

We develop women of purpose through mentoring, mental health & wellness education, and community outreach. The vision is to achieve well-being and equitable healthcare among underserved women and girls.

Our Services

Life Coaching

Experienced professionals need life coaching at some point in their career. This often precedes a job change or following burnout.


A successful mentor/mentee relationship requires an experienced individual partnering with a teachable individual who wishes to learn and develop.

 Programs & Events

For Women

GrowGurl offers customized activities across the wellness spectrum which cater to individual and group needs. Past events include virtual tea parties, self-love workshops, and spiritual wellness seminars in the local community.

For Gurls

GrowGurl offers programs such as art therapy, physical fitness, mental health and wellness sessions. Currently we serve ages. 8+.

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