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Walking into My Purpose

What I’m about to say may not immediately be convincing, but by the time I’m done, I hope to have at least intrigued you.

I would like to begin by saying, “walking” has opened wide a closed channel I’ve had for years. Walking has literally allowed me to reacquaint myself with myself. I guess what I am trying to say is, I thought I knew myself until I committed to spending time with myself. I committed to daily walks and I was forced to hear my own voice, to listen...intently. While walking 3 miles a day, I lost a few pounds and gained a true friend in myself. It was so powerful that I had to make a lifelong vow to never silence my own voice again.

Some may ask why do I attribute my new found self-awareness to walking? Well, before I began walking daily, I would always go through a ritual of finding the right music and mentally preparing for an exhausting workout. Then one day, I forgot my headset. I had no choice but to walk in silence. What I first noticed was I could clearly hear my own breath. I listened, and even caught a rhythm that soothed my soul. Then, I heard my footsteps and synced each step with the rhythm of my breaths. I did this daily occasionally smiling because at one time I would never have even proceeded to exercise without my favorite music playlist. Before I knew it, I was doing less thinking and began listening to God’s instruction: “Listen to your heart”. I soon got brutally honest with myself. My self-talk suddenly become more and more encouraging and realistic. I realized... if I hadn’t began walking so consistently, “walking” would never have become more important than remembering my headset. I would never have tapped into that magical place. I would never have given myself that much time for self exploration. The channel from me-to-me was surprisingly unchartered territory. Deep down, I didn’t think I believed I deserved to utilize the time I could be giving to someone else. But, I was wrong.

I discovered that walking alone can be a place for self discovery. This is true because ideas and dreams are born when we are 100% self-aware. Negativity could not exist in that place because the momentum of creativity was on full throttle. I learned so much about myself. I dreamt new dreams. I shed the weight of negativity and toxicity. Sheesh! If everyone could feel what I felt when I met me.

To caption my experience, I’d say I was “Walking into my Purpose”. Literally. Wow!

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