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The Power of Moments

Today GrowGurl book club begins chapter 1 of ”The Power of Moments”. It is a book about “why certain experiences have extraordinary impact”. I was curious to know what two brothers could teach a group of motivated, intelligent, professional women, some of which are authors themselves. I wondered how excited, skeptical or impressed everyone would be. I had apprehensions and I bubbled over with anticipation all at once.

I began to read and I found myself pulling out a pen and notepad. I rigorously wrote down all of the bullet points and teachable moments and OMG moments. I quickly acknowledged the fact that I had only recently began creating defining moments of my own. I still was only about 85% free from the fear of judgment, misunderstanding and being cursed to fail by ”The Pessimists” (aka haters). I, like many, still had reservations about the kind of moments I could or could not create. What would people say? What will they think? “Welp!” I replied to myself with a resounding, “who cares!” I then laughed out loud knowing I was the only person in the room.

Then it occurred to me. That moment... that specific moment was extraordinary. I will remember it forever. I’m only on chapter 1 and already I’m preparing to share what I’ve learned. I’m already thinking about gathering women to discuss our defining moments. So I guess I answered my own question. Two brothers can alter the course of women across the globe and change how we see each moment in time. Yes! Two brothers can help Gurls Grow!!!

In one chapter, this book opened up my mind to the possibilities of creating defining moments on purpose. This I will do now... even more. Here’s to the Heath Brothers!

Thanks Chip and Dan!

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