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Mentoring Matters

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Almost everyone has a story that tells of their relationship with someone who intentionally did or said something positive to assist them in their educational or professional journey. During those times, we knew that we were being helped, but we may not have acknowledged it as being mentored. We simply knew that the encounter or the relationship was a vital part of our growth. Yet, how many of us can assert that we have dedicated our time to mentoring on a consistent basis. After all, mentoring can be time-consuming. It may cost us some petty cash or even require a sacrificial gift. Mentoring may even leave us feeling drained when our labor of love requires longer hours than we had expected. So, why do we do it if there are so many barriers? Well...I've come up with a list of things that have allowed me to keep my commitment to mentoring as well as a list of things that have been barriers to my commitment. Hopefully, it will bring some perspective.

Students at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture

First, when mentoring, I found that a daily routine of studying and seeking knowledge becomes second nature. This will make room not only for self-improvement, but a desire to share what you know with those you mentor. Being a mentor also allows me to develop my management and leadership skills. Setting up meetings and phone calls as well as finding meeting locations no longer are areas of growth for me. My communication skills have improved and my network has grown as a result of exploring new activities and experiences. I've fortunately had the awesome opportunity to influence the minds of children, young adults as well as peers. Learning new things and developing as a professional, have made mentoring well worth it even though it has not always been easy. The beautiful thing to remember is... no one expects a mentor to be perfect. You will learn what you don't know and continue to grow.

On the flip side, mentoring has its challenges. Sometimes working with students will conflict with your work schedule or their class schedule. You may even set up a meeting and one of you has to cancel. There will be an occasion when your personalities just aren't a good match or a difficult problem arises that you do not feel comfortable getting involved with. Whatever the case, there will be times that a mentoring relationship has to be terminated. Nevertheless, there are solutions and trust and open communication are key!!

That's why GrowGurl is here for you. We want to help you become the best mentor you can be and we want our mentees to be as successful as possible. This can only happen with a mutual commitment to success and hard work. Will you take the leap and become a mentor? Will you allow someone access to you as a mentee in order to help you succeed? Why not give it a try! I promise you, you won't regret it because Mentoring Matters!!!


Email us at if you have questions. You can sign up as a mentor or mentee @ by clicking "Become a member” to complete the application. Also subscribe to our page while you are there by entering your info where it says subscribe. Lastly, go back to the "dues" button to make your tax deductible membership fee payment with PayPal.

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