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Grow Up!

Those of us over 40 years of age now understand it when we hear a parent say, “Its time for you to GROW UP”. As a youth, I would cringe when I heard someone tell their child to grow up. I always rebutted in my head 🤔 “Isn’t that what we are all trying to do...grow up?” Clearly, I didn’t get it. I mean okayyyyy!! I forgot to do the dishes last night. Yes! It was me who left the freezer door open!! 🤷🏽‍♀️. Yet, not for a second had I considered the cost of those tiny mistakes. I didn’t realize that mom spent $300 on groceries and now all of the meat was thawed out in the freezer. It never crossed my mind that the dirty pot in the sink would be harder to clean tomorrow and I should have cleaned it right away.

Nevertheless, I grew up. I grew because of my mistakes and every one of those mistakes remains imprinted upon my mind today. Through it all, I learned to acknowledge failure, but to never repeat the same one twice!

So, ladies! Let’s agree to limit our mistakes and Grow beyond yesterday. We deserve a better today and an even greater tomorrow.

See!!! You’ve grown another inch!!!



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