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Good Food Good Mood

Mood is a state of mind. It is usually described as good or bad, up and down, or swinging back and forth. It also can be affected by numerous things, including food, hormones and life events. For now, let’s focus on food.

Food is proven to affect mood by way of food types. When processed foods, chemical additives and things like bad fats get into the gut, they are processed and the nutrients are distributed to the body’s vital organs, including the brain. All of these foods types cause inflammation and disease. As a result, poor gut health has been directly linked to a decline in overall health and fluctuating moods.

Mood enhancing foods such as leafy green vegetables (broccoli and spinach), lentils, asparagus, sweet potatoes, bananas and blueberries should be high on our list of foods to eat. Also we must avoid sugars, which cause a energy crash and eventual drop in blood sugar levels. Drinking lots of water also keeps the body free of toxins, which is paramount for good gut health. Many athletes drink a gallon of water per day as a rule of thumb.

As we begin to take in mood enhancing foods, we begin to feel better. Energy is increased, our gut becomes healthier and the risk for disease due to inflammation is markedly decreased.

Knowing this, we all can strive for better health with a roadmap for success. There are exceptions, of course. Mental health disorders like Bipolar disorder require an extensive psychiatric work-up and treatment, which food alone cannot fix. “Good food, Good mood” is one way to remind yourself why healthy food choices are so important. So, give it a try and don’t forget to contact me with your results and feedback.

Have a great day and be good to yourself!

Tonya Gilbert

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