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From Validation to Value

Being honest and transparent with yourself is not an easy task. However, it’s a necessary one.  After some self-reflection, I recognized that I spent most of my life seeking validation from everyone (family, work, relationships), but I never sought it from myself. I allowed others to define me because I was not genuinely happy.

After a few trials, I started to search within. That still, small voice kept speaking to me letting me know that greater was possible.  I started to ask myself questions: What is my PURPOSE? Why am I not happy? How can I find inner joy? I looked in the mirror and would criticize myself often. I was not accepting of “me”, flaws and all. I accepted that the biggest thing I needed to address was my self-image and how I saw myself. I had to learn to fall in love with myself. I started on my weight loss journey after being tired of the same ole same ole. I was ready to see a new body, new perspective and a heathy lifestyle.

So, for the first time, I invested in myself. I found a personal trainer and went to work. Little did I know the biggest transformation was a mental/emotional one.  My physical activity developed a new motivation and ability, I knew then I was a champion capable of winning any battle.

The biggest battle was with the inner me. My inner me was my enemy. Through acknowledgment, self-reflection, meditation, journaling and losing 63lbs, I developed my growth mindset. With this new mindset shift, I was able to see value in myself, which led to a strong pursuit of purpose.  Embracing my purpose and facing my fears, I now can write and share with the world.

Call to action:

Discovering who you are and why you are here is the number one priority. Its only then that you will live life on purpose, with purpose. It is also then that you will no longer feel a need to seek validation from others while feeling emotionally unstable.

When learning to nurture the seed/gift that was placed in you, you are becoming the best version of yourself, one without limits or boundaries, filled with love and joy ready to share with everyone. Finding value creates emotional stability and allows you to live a balanced life.

It all starts with you.

~Kristyn Wells


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