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Free to Love Me

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

If I had a penny for every time I was taught or instructed (or nudged) to find better and creative ways to love my spouse and children, I’d be rich. What I have always found to be discouraging is how very few people really came to the rescue when I needed tips on Self Love.

If we all truly think about it, there are sermons upon sermons about the virtuous woman. There are countless books about being a praying wife and mother. I even recall being counseled by a pastor when I got burnt out who said that I needed to be “100% woman. 100% mom and 100% wife”. It took everything I had trying to figure out how to be 300% every day. One day I realized that it was not possible. God made me to be 100% woman. He also reminded me in His Word that He gives me enough mercy for each 24 hour day.

So I began better utilizing my 24 hours and incorporating self care, I began writing my own personal vision and mission statement about a year after my mother died. I made a list of the things I no longer would do. Then I realized, I still had not made it clear what I WOULD do to better love ME. I had no time blocked off for myself. I had no hobbies anymore. I didn’t eat the foods I loved nor did I go to museums like I used to. Since that time, my list has evolved and here are a few things I refuse to ever part with:

1. Quiet time in prayer/meditation

2. Having money set aside for me

3. Sleeping well

4. Eating healthy

5. Exercising daily

6. Dating myself

7. Traveling

8. Nurturing healthy relationships

9. Detoxing physically and emotionally on a consistent basis

10. Saying “No”

With this list, I’ve been able to center myself whenever I lose focus or get off balance. I encourage you to make a list and hold it dear. Be good to yourself because God only made one of you. Love her unconditionally ❤️

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