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Let's go!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Its been a long time coming. GrowGurl is finally on the move! We are excited about the many GURLS, young and old, who's paths we will eventually cross. It is our goal to be a truly positive and influential force across the globe with a focus on wellness. With all of life's demands tugging at once, we would like to provide a way to manage it all without sacrificing being our best selves. We intend to model a healthy lifestyle. We wish to have as many growth sessions and teachable moments as possible, wherever and whenever called upon. We, too, strive to effectively mentor and life coach as many GURLS as we can. If we can guide one GURL to a mentally, physically and spiritually successful life, we have won!

So, please join us! We need your help. Donate to our scholarship and programming funds. Contact us and sign up to volunteer/mentor. Refer your students, friends and family for a wellness consultation. Become a member and partner with us in your area of expertise. We are ready and waiting!

Let's Go!!

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